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Though we generally notice the more egregious offenses, when a magazine cover barely resembles the celebrity it’s supposed to portray, we’re so jaded that we let it fly, much as we accept that a Picasso is going to kind of look just about person-esque.

Now scientists at Dartmouth can identify precisely how cubist a cover photo has become on a scale of 1 to 5.

Fat acceptance, circa 1957

Hell yeah, she can look just as pretty as her less generously proportioned friends. She can also be as happy as a hit with a rollicking beat, and she can have a tummy and still look yummy. And those dresses…

Meet American Apparel’s New Plus-Sized Models

UPDATE: Duh, read Nancy’s blog. She’s mocking American Apparel and the whole contest. So now I can 100% say: Nice work! I am behind it, ranch dressing cumshots and all. ___________________________________________ American Apparel is having a plus-sized model contest. The…

Cru cut

See also: 2 Live Cru, Grand Cru, J.Cru, Late-’90s Hip-Hop Group Cru More from the world of marketing: We won’t have the Campus Crusade for Christ to kick around anymore. Don’t get excited–they’re still going to be around, loving you…

Hail to the no.

Summer’s Eve has a new ad campaign out, and it’s epic. Sensational. It’s the 300 of feminine-hygiene product TV commercials. No more walks on the beach. Screw some flowy, white linen trousers. You are strong. You are powerful. You are…

Breaking: Blood is Red

Even when it comes out of your vagina. American menstrual product manufacturers have finally taken notice, and menstruators across the United States are thrilled to learn that they are not, in fact, freaks of nature because they don’t bleed blue.