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Cover Art for Bloodchildren

When Nisi Shawl called me up and asked me to do the cover for her anthology Bloodchildren, I was astonished. Not because she asked me but because I knew I was going to say yes. I’ve never done a cover and my photography is normally unsuited for SF anthology. But two days before she called, for the first time I had a clear sense of my new project, and this request fit the areas I was thinking about. Continue reading

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Photographs in International Feminist Exhibition in Korea

I’m really excited that three of my photographs are in exhibitions in Korea that opened on the 13th of October. They selected the three photos I submitted – photographs of Kellen McCracken and Jerry McCracken (before and after transition) from Women En Large and Familiar Men, and my photograph of a trans woman.

Nudity below the fold. Continue reading

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Feministe friends Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara are working on a great project and they could use your help. Continue reading

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Quick things

I am writing a rather complicated post at the moment for Feministe, so in the meantime.. Quick things to look at – some pretty, pretty pictures in “Yes These Bones Shall Live” over at the International Museum of Women, which … Continue reading

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The horror of “Twilight Portait.” Also, the beauty.

Trigger warning for sexual violence. Also, there will be spoilers. When I first heard about “Twilight Portrait,” I decided that I wasn’t going to watch it. The movie’s plot centered on the transformation that the heroine, Marina (played by Olga … Continue reading

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Feminist Princesses

Disney princesses, ranked from least to most feminist. Interestingly, the most feminist princesses are the cartoon girls of color — perhaps because being non-white, it’s easier for (male, white) illustrators and writers to imagine them in non-traditional roles? Continue reading

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Laurie’s Work Featured in the Huffington Post: 30 LGBT Artists You Should Know

I was delighted to be invited to participate in the Huffington Post’s 30 LGBT Artists You Should Know. Now that the piece is up, I’m honored to be in the company they chose. The works include Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, Robert Rauschenberg, Hannah Höch, Rotimi Fani-Kayode and 25 other artists. It’s really worth watching the whole show. Continue reading

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Rest well, Adrienne Rich

Very sad news: Poet and feminist writer Adrienne Rich passed away today. She was 82. Continue reading

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Disabled Bodies in Able-Bodied Contexts

No one wants to be pitied, but many people are comfortable having others to pity. And it’s easy, if you haven’t thought it out, to pity someone in a wheelchair, or someone who walks tapping her way with a white cane. It’s much more complicated to think about that wheelchair, or that cane as something that opens up the person’s life … and would open it up much more if buildings and streets were more accommodating to a variety of needs. It’s not only complicated, but potentially deeply disturbing, to think about high-tech prostheses, maximized for the needs of a particular person with particular skills at a particular time in his or her life, to think that a “disabled” person perhaps has something that works better than what “normal people” are issued with.
[Nudity below the fold] Continue reading

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The Invisible Mother

These images of mothers entirely covered in cloth so that their children are the focal point of the photograph are incredibly fascinating.

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Filming Against Odds: Undocumented Youth “Come Out” With Their Dreams

By Anne Galisky, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine.

“Papers”is the story of undocumented youth and the challenges they face as they turn 18 without legal status. More than two million undocumented children live in the U.S. today, most with no path to obtain citizenship. These are youth who were born outside the U.S. and yet know only the U.S. as home. The film highlights five undocumented youth who are “American” in every sense but their legal paperwork. Continue reading

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The Valentino Garavani Archives

Yes, this is admittedly from Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter (I KNOW, I’M SORRY), but it’s actually pretty cool.

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