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Where Dark Tourism Meets Global Feminism

This is a guest post by Jessica Mack.
If you haven’t heard it before, you probably already know the concept. Dark tourism is what happens when former places of tragedy and horror become memorialized, then patronized by droves of tourists. Like Ground Zero in New York City, or Nelson Mandela’s prison cell on Robben Island. It’s where dark memories, human curiosity, and capitalism mix.


Sending prayers and positive thoughts their way. Anyone know of good local relief organizations worth donating to?

Checking in with the women of Kazakhstan

Well, the campaign for Kazakhstan’s 3 April election has just kicked off, and women are coming under the spotlight, too. In celebration of the country’s twentieth anniversary of independence, the First Congress of Kazakhstan Women has just taken place in…

Anatomy of an Adoption Crisis

This article by EJ Graff is a fascinating look into international adoption practices. It pulls the cover back on the myth that there are thousands upon thousands of adoptable babies in the world, just waiting to be saved from poverty…