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The Face of Make-Up

I am a feminist. And I wear makeup almost every day, and have for over ten years. Continue reading

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Can fashion fix fashion?

I worked briefly in fashion — briefly, for a couple of years, because in general it’s not a healthy industry to work in. But the fact is, I still enjoy it. Clothes are so pretty, y’all. And Jill is absolutely right that there is no shame in thinking that clothes are pretty, and that fashion is seen as frivolous more because it’s a “woman thing” than for any other reason. But what about all the truly problematic aspects of industry fashion?

Eh… Continue reading

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Race Relations 101 – Let’s start with hair.

(“Race Relations 101” isn’t exactly the title I’m looking for. Suggestions for better things to call this series would be much appreciated.) The issues surrounding “ethnic” hair in general, and black hair specifically, come up pretty frequently in discussions about … Continue reading

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For only $29.95, you too can have fresh, rosy nipples

Beauty culture is officially out of control. Now not even your nipples are pretty enough — you need to tint them in order to achieve the perfect shade of nip. “Women want nipples to be pert and fresh-looking, and this … Continue reading

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Elle Goes to the Middle East

It’s set to hit newsstands in Jordon, Lebanon and Morocco this Friday.

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The Walking Wombed

Molly Saves the Day, a brand new fantastic feminist blog, comes out swinging on beauty culture: Both men and women are expected to trim or even be completely bald — the more unnatural, the better. Their hair is supposed to … Continue reading

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Feminist, Photoshopping

The internet connection is back up, which would be obvious if you have a Flickr account that you check on a regular basis. A quirk in my ISP’s system left me without internet access for most of the day, but … Continue reading

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Wear It, Bitch: Musings on Beauty Culture and the Femme Feminist

Several years ago, Anne leveled an accusation at me that straight pissed me off. She said I was vain. Me? Vain? Pshaw. I mean, I was only spending an hour on my daily beauty routine and maybe two hours for … Continue reading

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