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Guidelines for submitting Guest Post Pitches

We’ve just published detailed guidelines for submitting a pitch for a Guest Post here at Feministe.

We’re also looking for some volunteers to be part of an editorial-team just for considering/managing the publication of Guest Posts (no thread-moderating duties, just editorial).

UPDATE: If you’ve arrived here only because you’ve got a Google Alert for “Guest Post” and your pitch reflects your lack of familiarity with this blog and/or unwillingness to read and abide by our Guidelines, your pitch will be deleted without response. Continue reading

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A Moment of Silence

It’s official, one of the oldest, crankiest feminist blogs is closing its doors, and it’s a shame too. It was a great place for conversation about the place for children, motherhood, and work in feminist movements. Also, how to find … Continue reading

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Another Blog to Read

Young People For. I’ll be guest-blogging there for the month of November. They’ve got lots of good stuff, so I hope you all check it out.

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Since I have been laid off, this is my last day at my current job. I’m leaving on good terms, despite having a psycho bully as one boss; the other, a much nicer fellow, just took me out for a … Continue reading

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Tuesday Travel Blogging – Mljet

I’m in Tunisia, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be skipping Tuesday Travel Blogging. Today: Mjlet, a lovely little island off the coast of Croatia. I was there in August of 2006, and unfortunately the weather wasn’t very good (it was … Continue reading

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Tuesday Travel Blogging – Portugal

I’m in the middle of finals — yes, my program in Germany splits the semester in half, so we get two sets of finals — but looking at pretty pictures always cheers me up. This week’s travel blogging is Portugal, … Continue reading

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Random Junebug blogging

Because she looked so cute sitting up on the chair this morning.

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The New York Times is ending its TimesSelect bullshit. Which doesn’t really matter all that much to me because I’ve been taking full advantage of my student status and getting TimesSelect for free, but it’s great for blogging because then … Continue reading

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Project Weekend Guestblogger

The fabulous Ms. Lauren will be weekend-blogging for us starting tomorrow. I’ll (hopefully) be spending a lot of my weekends traveling, so weekend posting will be slim to none on my part. Lauren will hold down the fort from Friday … Continue reading

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YK Thoughts

Just finished the panel at Yearly Kos. It was… ok. Glenn was awesome, as expected. There are a few things I wish I would have said that I didn’t get out. Jenn Pozner from WIMN’s Voices asked about female bloggers … Continue reading

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Maybe I’ll write a real post after the kid takes a nap.

But for now childcare demands mean pretty much all I can get done on the computer is some furtive typing while different Youtube videos load. Did I mention the kid likes Youtube videos? Well, since I’m pretty much a sadist, … Continue reading

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Three more years of LOST?!

I love LOST, but I don’t want to wait three years to figure out how it all ends! But if it means three more years of Sawyer and Sayid, I suppose I can live with it. Yeah, I can definitely … Continue reading

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