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Shameful Behaviour

Atheling aka wickedday is a white, middle-sized, currently able-bodied, cis- and heterosexual British woman about to start studying for an MA in medieval literature. This piece was originally posted at her personal blog, This Wicked Day, where she also blogs … Continue reading

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Is Refusing Bed Rest a Crime?

I don’t believe it is, but then, I don’t believe pregnant woman are incubators for the state’s fetuses either. Others disagree, as evidenced in this case unfolding in the First District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee, Fla. Samantha Burton was … Continue reading

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I Am Not a Pre-Existing Condition

Being a woman is not a pre-existing condition — but that’s exactly how it’s treated by health insurance companies. The following facts are from SEIU, via RH Reality Check: Only 14 states require insurance companies to cover maternity care Only … Continue reading

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The Way We Die Now

This article by Timothy Egan is a real gem. He gets past the “death panel” and “they’re gonna take your Medicaid!” rhetoric and discusses how end-of-life care should really look. And he emphasizes that while many (or even most) people … Continue reading

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Pregnant woman ordered by court to be confined in the hospital

Score another one for the folks who think pregnancy makes a woman less deserving of basic rights and liberties: Imagine this — you’re the busy mother of two small kids with another one on the way. This pregnancy has been … Continue reading

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An email

Upon reading your article “Palin’s anti-choice legacy,” I wanted to bring a particular point to your attention.   Your use of the term “anti-choice” is very misleading, and shows a significant misunderstanding of the term.   The term anti-choice by … Continue reading

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Palin’s anti-choice legacy

Via Feministing, a post by Clara Jeffery of Mother Jones tells us that one of Palin’s last acts in office was to accelerate a parental notice and consent law for women under 18 who are seeking abortion. We see this … Continue reading

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I’m being taken over by the fear

  “I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless/ cos everyone knows that’s how you become famous.”  Taking a side step away from specifically trans posts (cos y’all tiring me out already, and I have another week to … Continue reading

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Illinois Legislation Would Prevent Forcible Sterilizations of People With Disabilities

Last April, a court in Illinois ruled that a certain woman with a mental disability could not be forcibly sterilized at the request of her guardian.  This was excellent news, and a great step forward for the civil rights of … Continue reading

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Creature Comforts, An Update

Rebecca Skloot notifies us via email that someone just leaked some government documents to her that include the previously unreleased wording of the new government regulations: They have banned all service animals other than dogs (initially they’d said they’d allow … Continue reading

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NC Panel Recommends Reparations for Victims of Forcible Sterilization

A North Carolina panel has recommended that reparations be paid out to some 7,600 people who were victims of forced sterilizations: A state House panel recommended the state give $20,000 to victims of the eugenics program, which sterilized about 7,600 … Continue reading

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Boy or Girl: Choose Only One

Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience is a thoughtful study of the medical treatment of intersex, or what is sometimes called disorders of sex development (DSD).  Intersex is an umbrella term that covers a variety of ways in … Continue reading

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