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Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta shames fat kids to save them

It was surveys of two towns in Georgia that convinced Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta that the nation’s relentless campaign against childhood obesity wasn’t hitting hard enough: Georgia has the second highest rate of childhood obesity in the U.S., and parents in the towns surveyed seemed unaware of their kids’ obesity. So to promote their Strong4Life campaign, Children’s decided that a painfully blunt approach was necessary, and damn the consequences–even if those consequences involved putting sad, overweight children on billboards and TV ads to shame their parents into action.

The Om Conspiracy

From Liberal Debutante, a reminder that wingnuts exist the world over: some (surprise! Christian) parents in British Columbia are freaking at the efforts of some schools to fight childhood obestity there with yoga. Because? Well. Um. A school program to…

Disrespectful to Food

This article, about a prodigy at eating, offended a few people who wrote in to the Datebook section to complain: Our rates of childhood obesity have tripled since 1980. Regular reminders from the California Department of Education inform us that…