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VAWA held up by Republicans. Again.

This time over their “concern” about the Constitutional issues posed by allowing non-native people to be subject to tribal courts if they commit acts of domestic violence on tribal land. Republicans object to what they say are inadequate protections for criminal defendants — an issue they really only seem to care about when violence against women is involved.

New Congress Resolutions for 2013

On January 3, the 113th U.S. Congress sat for the first time. Their predecessors in the 112th Congress left some great big clown shoes to fill: In the last month of 2012 alone, Congress managed to not provide relief for Hurricane Sandy, not reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, and not even show up to discuss the “fiscal cliff” until the last moment. The 112th was, according to one poll, less popular than root canals, Brussels sprouts, and head lice. So in the interest of making your Congressional year as un-turd-like as possible, 113th Congress, I’ve laid out a few new year’s resolutions for you.