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No one is paying for my birth control but me.

Imagine this conversation with your employer:

YOU. Hey, it looks like my paycheck is $25 short.

EMPLOYER. Oh, no, that’s for Kitten Day.

YOU. I’m sorry?

EMPLOYER. Once a month, we bring in kittens for everyone in the office to cuddle for a day. Studies show that it reduces stress. It’s adorable.

YOU. I’m sure it is, but you’re paying for it out of my paycheck.

EMPLOYER. Yes. Kitten Day is part of your overall compensation package.

Hobby Lobby = The Worst

I’ve been writing about it over at Cosmopolitan.com. Here’s the basic summary of the case. Here are 13 of the biggest misconceptions about the case (this one is especially helpful for Twitter / Facebook / family dinner table fights). And, finally, how the right-wing reaction to women with opinions on Hobby Lobby is a pretty good illustration of how this is all about misogyny and hostility toward female sexuality, not religious beliefs.

I have nearly 200 tiny babies in my uterus right now.

A warning to all uterus-havers who are on hormonal birth control: That uterus of yours is absolutely filled with tiny dead babies. Lots and lots of little babies. You’re basically a microbaby graveyard, says conservative radio host Kevin Swanson, a.k.a. That Snoring Guy In The Back Of Sophomore Biology Class, or alternately That Guy Not In Biology Class Because He Was Biblically Homeschooled and now promotes godly homeschooling and a Biblical worldview, and that’s just medical science.

“Pro-life” laws kill women

Nigerian law is pretty much in line with what anti-choice activists would like to see in the United States. Abortion is illegal. Contraception is rarely used. The birth rate is high. And 1.5 million Nigerian women have illegal abortions every…

Good News Out of Connecticut

The state senate passed the Compassionate Care Bill — the law that would require emergency rooms to offer emergency contraception to rape survivors — by a huge margin of 32 to 3. Connecticut Local Politics has much, much more, so…

A Christian man considers contraception

The author of the blog Contraception and Christianity, who goes by the handle Contraskeptic, kindly emailed me a link to his blog, where I came across this post. It’s interesting. In his blog description, he says that his blog is…