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Crowdsourcing: tell Feministe about your fundraiser

My friends at the Ada Initiative are fundraising for their work supporting women in open technology and culture and there’s only a few days left for them to reach their target – if what they do is relevant to your interests, please consider donating to them ASAP.

Since I don’t want to only boost my friends in this space, please use this thread to tell the Feministe readership about other projects you support for which fundraising is happening at the moment.

Help Georgia high-schoolers throw their first-ever integrated prom

Four Wilcox County high school students are raising money to hold an integrated prom. Racially integrated. Because they don’t have one, because ever since the school itself integrated 30 years ago, the parents have been throwing separate proms. The school declined to get involved, so the girls are doing the entire thing themselves. “If we don’t change it, nobody else will,” one girl says.

The Beauty Curse: Help Fund a Graphic Novel

Journalist Eric Pape is raising funds to create the graphic novel The Beauty Curse, about gendered attacks in Cambodia. Details of the project are here. The inspiration for the book: