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“He might be on the spectrum.” But what about me?

It’s like the sun rising in the east: Whenever the subject of harassment or stalking comes up, you invariably get a bunch of dudes barging in, insisting that the guy who followed you and screamed at you for not paying attention to him, the guy who groped you, the guy who tried to follow you home, the guy who kept looking you up and down when you were wearing a turtleneck at brunch with your friend, the guy who refused to accept the “no” and the “I’m not interested,” the guy who waited for you outside of your place, the guy who told you how the way you look gave him a boner, might have had Asperger’s or was somehow autistic. He just had problems understanding social cues/rules.

What’s Accessible To You?

Different bodies, need different kinds of accommodation.  It seems to me that many believe, a one size fits all solution, will work as far as making spaces more inclusive but in my experience, as a differently abled bodied person, I…


Hello there beautiful people! My name is bint alshamsa and I’m going to be guest-blogging here at Feministe for the next two weeks. I’m not sure how to transition into a formal introduction, so I’ll just start by telling you…