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TONIGHT: Operation Surfin Bird Fundraiser

TONIGHT, Sunday Nov. 18th, is the Operation Surfin Bird fundraiser to help bring Thanksgiving to the Rockaways after Sandy. It’s from 7-11pm at the Dalloway, $20 suggested donation at the door. DJ sets from Tanlines and Victor Vazquez of Das Racist.

Operation Surfin Bird also needs help to prep, cook, deliver food and clean up on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Email volunteer@operationsurfinbird.com if you can lend a hand. And if you’re not in the NY area and want to donate, you can go here. Continue reading

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Celebrating Womanfest

These days of course there are so many added venues for women to get together -– drinks after work, lunch, maybe a film, etc. My experience with such opportunities often, however, did not seem to me so different from my mother’s day. Often isolated, often individualized, often professionally segregated or age separated.

Considering this a few years ago, I decided a new, big gathering of women was just the ticket. Continue reading

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Event: Support The Anew School on Oct. 5

The Anew School, which provides “unprecedented academic, emotional/mental health, and social training to “at-risk” seventh and eighth grade youth” by taking American students and educating them at the Anew international boarding school in Ghana, is hosting its annual fundraiser tomorrow, Friday, October 5th from 6pm-10pm at Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St, NY, NY. The party features DJ Commish, special live performances, and an amazing crowd assembled for a good cause. More about the Anew School: Continue reading

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ElevenSixTwelve: Mobilizing to Re-elect President Obama in 2012

Almost four years ago, President Barack Obama achieved something monumental: he inspired people who had never voted to vote in droves. He motivated college students across the country to organize rallies and voting drives in support of his campaign. And he encouraged millions across the nation – across racial lines – with his message of hope and change. Continue reading

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Feministe friends Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara are working on a great project and they could use your help. Continue reading

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Hello I’m Kim and Sometimes I Overshare

I’m Kim and I’m going to be guest blogging for next two weeks. I am thrilled to be here and have been looking forward to this all summer. Thank you for reading! If you’re on Twitter, I’d love to connect … Continue reading

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Support Frank Talk about Sex and Intimacy by Supporting Hip Hop is For Lovers

“HH4L is something I believe in. We have the potential — and are building the momentum to — impact the culture at large. Not just Hip Hop culture. I’ve seen myself transformed through this work. I know and believe to my core that we can reach folks with what we do.” Continue reading

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Can you help a cat-lady out?

This is Peg-Leg Pete (“Petey” for short). Petey, as I mentioned in an earlier post, is a little guy I adopted back in July. He is just the best and I love him. Pete came through the organization Brooklyn Animal Action, a group run by a small and extremely dedicated group of women in New York City. Much of the organization’s funding comes from its volunteers. Without them, Petey — whose foot was crushed as a kitten and who has undergone multiple surgeries and weeks of daily vet visits — wouldn’t be alive, let alone sitting on my couch right now. So they are an organization very dear to my heart. They’re also hosting a big fundraiser on Sept. 10th from 6-10pm at Stone Park Cafe in Park Slope. The invite is here. If you’re in the area, I’d encourage you to attend — Stone Park is a great restaurant, and the event is for a good cause (not to mention having great food and a silent auction). They’re also honoring Dr. Yvonne Szacki, the vet who did Pete’s surgery and provided his daily care for months. She is wonderful, and this honor is well-deserved. Continue reading

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Build a Direct Action Network for Gender Justice in Media

WAM!, an organization very dear to my heart, is building a direct action network for gender justice in media. Go help them! Continue reading

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TEDxWomen 2012

TEDx Women has been announced for 20120 — and it sounds awesome: Continue reading

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Event You Should Attend: Girls for Gender Equality 10th Anniversary

It’s Thursday June 14th from 6-9pm at the Brooklyn Historical Society, and it honors Anita Hill. Go! All proceeds will go directly to support GGE’s ongoing work, which includes sexual harassment training, youth leadership, and a wide variety of gender equality work. GGE is also doing a special “Phenomenal Women” tribute where smaller donors can give $50 to have a picture of a “phenomenal woman” in their life be a part of a slideshow at the event. And Feministing’s Vanessa Valenti will also be honored as “Gender Justice Warriors.” It sounds awesome and you should go. Continue reading

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Bowling for Abortion Rights

I’m a little late on this, but the National Abortion Access Bowl-A-Thon is going on this month, to raise money for the National Network of Abortion Funds. Find an event near you, go, or just donate. Katha explains why this is so important. Continue reading

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