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Prison Time for Women Who Use the Morning After Pill

There is terrible legislation being considered in Honduras which would send women to jail if they use the morning after pill. There is no exception for victims of sexual assault. The global activist group Avaaz is sounding the alarm on this terrible legislation, which is being actively debated in the Honduran Congress and may be “just days away.”

Some Transformative Justice Links

In the wake of recent conversations, I’ve been looking around for further resources on transformative justice. I haven’t been able to do a lot of intense follow-up on the topic lately, because in mid-January I had major spinal surgery (after breaking my neck in an accident back in 2011); this obviously has involved many painkillers and a lot of sleep and not-working as much as possible. However, I have been able to do some reading, and I want to share some of what I’ve found most compelling.

Lessons Learned And Unlearned

I realized something recently. I realized something about rights, about oppression, and about voices—specifically, Native American voices.

I can already hear some of you exhaling in thought, shuffling through your memories, trying to recall a recent incident, a story in the news, a connection between this post about Native Americans and current events. There isn’t one. There isn’t one because stories of Native American hardship don’t get told very much. While headlines do occasionally appear, most people have never heard of the abject poverty suffered by the Attawapiskat, or the imprisonment of five Makah men for their participation in a traditional hunt, or of the state of South Dakota essentially kidnapping Crow Creek children from their community. Many of us carry out our lives completely unaware of what is going on just miles away from the communities that we know.


I will be there, and so will thousands of other folks. Sign-making starts at 11am in Union Square, and the march starts from the same place at noon. Come in your sluttiest. I will be wearing my usual weekend slut…

Dining for Women

Another great event in NYC: Dining For Women, a movie screening and reception to benefit the Fistula Foundation. From their press release: NEW YORK CITY – The two New York City chapters of Dining for Women are partnering with Mount…

Go see The Interrupters

I caught this new documentary by Steve James (Hoop Dreams, Stevie) & Alex Kotlowitz (There Are No Children Here) during its sold-out run at the Siskel Center last week. Trailer: The Interrupters Imagine walking down a street where everyone is…

Kansas Should Serve as a Warning to Virginia Women

This is a guest post by Dr. James Kenley.
These regulations, which demanded precise sizes for janitorial closets, no-variance room temperatures, and other ridiculous requirements, were purportedly established to protect the health and safety of women, but in truth had one and only one purpose: to shut down the three existing abortion facilities in the state.

Vote for DC’s Sexiest Male

Feministe friend Patrick Reis is in the running for DC’s Sexiest Male (“male,” notably), and while he’s got some stiff competition (heeeey Jeff Johnson), I think we can make him a winner. Go vote! At least make sure he beats…

The Friendly Period

Sign me up [EXCLAMATION POINT]. In a study titled, “Gender and the Use of Exclamation Points in Computer Mediated Communication,” (for reals!) Carol Waseleski (EXCLAMATION POINT) deciphered that women use exclamation points 45% more often than men in e-communication. But…