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Shocker! Tiller’s Murderer Going to Trial

Scott Roeder, the man who murdered Dr. George Tiller inside of his church, is going to trial. Not a huge surprise. The court ruled that there was enough evidence to warrant a trial. Oh, you mean because Roeder brutally gunned … Continue reading

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The Company You Keep

This week, anti-choice extremists are protesting at a Birmingham clinic — the same clinic that was bombed by Eric Rudolph less than a decade ago. They’re also targeting a clinic in Wichita, Kansas — a clinic operated by Dr. George … Continue reading

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Kansas AG’s harassment of an abortion provider fails again

Charges against George Tiller, brought by notorious anti-choice Attorney General Phil Kline (yes, the same guy who, as part of his anti-choice crusade, subpoenaed the private medical records of dozens of women and girls who had terminated their pregnancies), have … Continue reading

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