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A letter to a departing companion

Fiona Apple has postponed her South America tour to be with her ailing pitbull Janet. She writes a heart-wrenching, wonderful letter which will feel familiar to anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet or even a person. If you feel like reading something sad and beautiful, is here. A taste: Continue reading

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And in Other News, Ann Coulter* Has Man Hands.

R. Mildred posts a virtuosic rant about Bussel: Seriously, where does one begin tearing this sort of crap apart when that’s the accompaning photo? The caption to which is nothing less ironic than “no one has the right to tell … Continue reading

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Friday Random Ten

The “Yay, my bathtub is finally fixed and I can shower at home instead of at the gym!” edition. (It’s a good day). 1. Radiohead – Life in a Glass House 2. Ani Difranco – 32 Flavors 3. Mindy Smith … Continue reading

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Music To Clean To

At 11pm Sunday night I was still in my jammies from Sunday morning. (In fact, I’m still in my PJs from yesterday morning. Gross.) Yesterday was devoted to cleaning house, paying bills, doing laundry, and wrapping Xmas presents, and today … Continue reading

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Friday Random Ten, 2nd Ed

Ah, study music… 1. Fiona Apple – Mistake 2. Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter 3. Suzanne Vega – Caramel 4. Miles Davis – Dr. Jekyll 5. Ani Difranco – Dilate 6. Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels 7. … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Machine

The unreleased Fiona Apple CD is available for download in full. Go now. via Heliologue.

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Subvert The Dominant Link Paradigm

Yes, I’m the loser sitting around on a Saturday night compiling links for the blog. One Man’s Opinion: Fiona Apple is to Wilco as…? Turn the music industry over to people who actually enjoy music. Factesque: StDLH Friday. “Women Bloggers … Continue reading

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