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The Cost of Living

(As a Clash aficionado, this phrase always makes me think of the EP released in 1979. This has nothing to do with the post, but I thought I’d get it out there and out of the way for myself. I…

Pop Goes The Culture: Strong Female Characters (and more)

A few days ago in the #solidarityisforwhitewomen secondary thread, Gloria made a suggestion I really liked, so, welcome to the first edition of implementing Gloria’s idea! Last week, Sophia McDougall wrote an article in New Statesman that I’m linking to as a discussion kick-starter: I Hate Strong Female Characters.

P.S. Suggestions for discussion kickstarters for future Pop Goes The Culture editions are very welcome, pitching discussion-starter posts as Guest Posts is strongly encouraged!

Excluding Women from Combat Is Just Plain Wrong: A Navy Captain’s Story

Our guest blogger is a retired Navy captain Dwayne Oslund, USN (Ret.), partnering with the ACLU to advocate for women openly serving in combat roles.

During my 25-year career as a Navy officer and helicopter pilot, I was fortunate to witness firsthand the genuine skills and capabilities of U.S. servicewomen. But at the same time, these brave women were limited in their opportunities by arbitrary rules that had nothing to do with their abilities and, if anything, hurt the readiness of our military. I also saw women rise to the occasion when the policies that excluded them from certain positions yielded to the realities of modern warfare and the challenges of maintaining an effective fighting force.

“A Mere Male”: Mansplaining Women’s Art

Consider the status of women in the art world: often considered the “muse,” rarely the artist; lauded as the pinnacle of beauty but having no worth otherwise: the Venus forever looking in her mirror, the object of the (male) gaze, not the subject of her own agency. Should a gallery or museum try to strive for the inclusion of women artists (and artists of color, queer artists, and so on), there may be criticism of ignoring the masters, so-called “female privilege,” and the desire for a gender-blind meritocracy that simply does not exist at present. If you were wondering what such an article might look like, look no further than C.B. Liddell’s “The diverse works of Asian women artists,” a special to The Japan Times.

Your Weekly Lachenweinen: College student fights for men’s equality

Here’s something that should make you smile-cry of a Monday morning: Feminism has met its goals and achieved what it set out to do, and we’ve become equal both in education and in the job market. We’re on top, and that’s why men can slack off and make C’s. It’s time, says University of Nebraska senior Zach Nold, for men to jump up on that pedestal next to women as equals.

Gloria Steinem: Still Hot.

And, uh, she does some other cool stuff too. Gloria Steinem is 73. Fans of the writer and feminist organizer will be glad to know she’s still a fierce advocate of gender equality. She’s still outrageous. And though it shouldn’t…

Thank Feminism

Rape has significantly decreased over the past 40 years. You know who to thank. The most likely explanation involves impressive generational developments. In 1970, women made up one-third of all college students (versus 57% today), earned about one-fourth of all…

Gender Equality in the Arab World

Foreign Policy Blog has a great post up about it. A new report is out which cites gender inequality as one of the major issues crippling the Arab world right now. But there is good news: “Most Arab countries now…

Pro-Choice Organizations Endorse Lieberman

I have a lot of respect for Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America, but I have to ask: What the hell are you thinking? Both groups have endorsed Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, before the Democratic primary. Both groups are apparently…