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Obama Lifts the U.S. HIV Travel and Immigration Ban

Excellent news: President Obama on Friday announced the end of a 22-year ban on travel to the United States by people who had tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS, fulfilling a promise he made to gay advocates and … Continue reading

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Shall we tint our Twitter avatars? No? Carry on…

As many of you are no doubt aware, Manuel Zelaya, the democratically elected president of Honduras, was ousted in an illegal military coup last June.   Obama originally issued a condemnation of the army, who stormed the presidential palace and removed … Continue reading

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Abu Ghraib Abuse Allegations Include Rape

By now, you’ve likely heard of the most recent allegations regarding U.S. soldiers’ abuse of Iraqi prisoners: they include rape and other sexual assault, of both female and male detainees, and there may be photographs of the assaults among those … Continue reading

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War Crimes

Yeah, we commit them in secret prisons. WASHINGTON — The Justice Department on Thursday made public detailed memos describing brutal interrogation techniques used by the Central Intelligence Agency, as President Obama sought to reassure the agency that the C.I.A. operatives … Continue reading

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Religious zealots vs. Obama at Notre Dame

President Obama is set to speak at Notre Dame on May 17th, and some folks aren’t too happy about it. Why? Because he’s pro-choice, and giving him a platform would violate the rules laid out in Catholics in Political Life. … Continue reading

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Breaking: Obama Overturns Ban on Stem Cell Research

I just watched it live on CNN.com!  Whoa! The executive order is a reversal of an executive order issued by President Bush in 2001: Because stem cells have the potential to turn into any organ or tissue cell in the … Continue reading

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Obama to Rescind HHS “Conscience” Rule

So by now, I hope we all remember that dangerous HHS rule that Bush implemented during his final days in office?  The one that prevents health care providers from “discriminating” against employees who refuse to to do their jobs, when … Continue reading

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A Story in Pictures

Two of the most important women’s-rights-related bill-signings in the past few years. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003: And the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009:

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Executive Order Watch

Executive orders from the office of the new President are trickling in at a faster pace now. Here’s the rundown so far: Guantanamo Bay must be closed down within a year. Nothing is clear yet about what exactly the government … Continue reading

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Inauguration Open Thread

Rumor has it that Jill is present in the crowds in D.C., but the rest of us are watching the inauguration on the tube. What are your thoughts on the switch in power? Chris Matthews’ wacky commentary? Joe Biden’s goofy … Continue reading

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A Farewell Kiss

As promised, today is the virtual shoe throw hosted by Lisa at My Ecdysis, in solidarity with the “Iraqi shoe-thrower” Muntader al-Zaidi, and in a final act of extreme disapproval towards Bush on what is finally his last day in … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Bush

And good riddance. This oral history of the Bush Administration lays out the astounding incompetence, ignorance, and misguided agendas at play in the White House. For chrissakes, these people were gaslighting, spying on, and sabotoging each other for eight long … Continue reading

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