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“What Didn’t Go Right?”

Oh, such innocence: What didn’t go right? [Nancy] Pelosi, speaking at a news conference, said Brown had “absolutely no credentials” when Bush picked him to run FEMA. She related that she urged Bush at the White House on Tuesday to…

Women in Iraq and Elsewhere

Apologies to Whirled View, but this post deserves to be quoted in full. PLS writes: George W. Bush says that women’s rights are protected in the current draft of the Iraq constitution. Iraqi women insist that they are losing rights…


I have no idea why all the trackbacks are porn sites. I had nothing to do with this. I suspect Lauren didn’t either. I blame George Bush.

Stem cell research vs. IVF

Many conservatives, like George W. Bush, are against embryonic stem cell research but support IVF, despite the fact that this is a completely inconsistent position. And, really, if stem cell research is equivalent to “dismembering” a human being, then why…

ATTN: Hoosier Liberals

See HABIT, a blog meant for “Indiana based bloggers to talk about George W. Bush in general and The Downing Street Memo in particular. Are you a Hoosier who wants to join us?”