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American Prudery

I first saw this ad when I was in Germany, and took note of it mostly because the dude is smokin’ and because I was surprised to see men kissing on television (we don’t get that in ‘merica): Then I…

A little Monday morning feminist Flickr

Spotted on a bathroom door at an apartment in St. Pauli, Hamburg: Bathroom poster, Hamburg, originally uploaded by JillNic83. The owner of the apartment was throwing a queer-friendly party/DJ showcase. The poster fit right in. And I want it.

Berlin tips?

I’m meeting my mama there this weekend. I know Berlin is the new Buenos Aires (and Buenos Aires is the new Paris) so there’s a ton to see and do, but what are some good mother-daughter activities? I have a…

My favorite German word

Schnurrbart. It means “mustache.” According to my German teacher, it actually translates into something like “cat beard.” How fantastic is that? (I learned it because one of my professors has a rad schnurrbart). What’s your favorite non-English word?

Question for the peanut gallery

I’m still very, very undecided about who to support in the Democratic primary. And now that I’m in Germany and all my political-junkie friends are in the states, I have no one to discuss the decision with. So who are…