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So. Trump.

I thought I hated that motherfucker twenty years ago when he was just an egomaniacal racist magnate. Little did I know he was also a fascist waiting for the right moment to bloom. And let’s make no mistake. I don’t…

The real Republican rape platform

My latest on Mourdock, Republicans and rape in the Guardian:

Some Republicans, like Mitt Romney, have tried to distance themselves from their party’s rhetorical obsession with sexual violation. What they’re hoping we won’t notice is the fact that their party is politically committed to sexual violation.


Shorter Mark Noonan: “They might demonize you, spread scurrilous lies about you, and seek to criminalize your very existence, but at least they will never pretend that this is not exactly what they’re doing.”

State-by-State GOP Scandal Scorecard

Having a tough time keeping track of all the indictments, ethics violations and scandals plaguing the Grand Old Party? Well worry no more, friends, because the state-by-state GOP Scandal Scorecard is here. This handy-dandy tool lets you keep all the…