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Spotlight on Haiti

Last weekend, I was in Haiti. The organization JCI sent me down there so I could learn about one of their projects: A community center for Haitian youth. I only spent four days in the country, but they were full of meetings and conversations and discussions, and I came away with the sense that the JCI community center is exactly what sustainable development is supposed to look like.

Haiti Check-In

It’s not a surprise that the internet situation here is less than perfect, and I’ve had days so packed that by the time I get back to the hotel I just want to pass out, but a few quick observations before I have to run off to another meeting:

Destination: Haiti

Tomorrow I’ll be flying down to Port-au-Prince with some folks from JCI to check out the construction of a new community center. It’ll be a quick trip — just four days — but I’ll be writing about it here. A description of the project is at the link. Any questions you have? Particulars you’d like to see covered?

Hope for Haiti

In 2010, a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, and people around the world mobilized to raise funds for recovery. Nearly three years later, much of Haiti is still in ruins. Part of the problem is that while there are many development groups on the ground, their works are disparate. Unemployment is high, and while there are enormous numbers of Haitians working to rebuild their communities, there isn’t a place for them to come together. JCI, an excellent community-based nonprofit, conducted a detailed needs assessment and is now working on building a community center in Haiti. The center will offer employment opportunities not just in its construction but in its ongoing mission to provide economic empowerment, child care and project development. It’s a great and important project. More details are below. And getting involved is simple. Sign up, shop online and make money for your giving fund.