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Procedure Fail: WisCon, Feminism and Safe Spaces

Readers who are already part of SF fandom have probably seen a lot of this WisCon 38 fallout already, but since this sort of institutional memory-holing of relevant history regarding serial harassers is precisely the sort of social convention that serial harassers rely upon in order to keep getting away with what they do, alongside the fallacy that harassers are obvious deviants who could never be part of my well-ordered community (when in fact they are commonly those with the well-liked/respected status to be given the benefit of the doubt when/if reports are made against them), it’s worth reading about the mistakes of communities with which one isn’t familiar so that one can learn about patterns to watch out for and procedural standards which need to be known and practised by decision-makers. Continue reading

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Is it 2004 again?

Because I can’t think of any other reason why this article would be topical. Writing about why women’s voices are given less authority in the blogosphere, or why female bloggers face disproportionate harassment, is important. But repeating the myth that … Continue reading

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“I’m Sorry, But We’ll Need to See Your Genitals”

Laurie and Marlene say: (Marlene Hoeber blogs regularly for Body Impolitic. This post is cross-posted to Body Impolitic.) From the Philadelphia Gay News comes this disgusting story of Kate Lynn Blatt, whose employer requested a photograph of her genitalia as … Continue reading

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Anti-choicers harassing women in Aurora

They’ve staked out a Safeway parking lot and they’re taking pictures of the women walking into the clinic and recording their license plate numbers. The parking lot is privately owned. Safeway doesn’t have to let them protest there. Contact Safeway/Dominick’s … Continue reading

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a world of spheres

Imagine a slightly deflated balloon.  Squeezing the air around can be entertaining for a little while, but eventually hands become tired, and the mind starts looking for something else to do. You have to squeeze one side of the balloon … Continue reading

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It’s saturday night and I’m all confessional-y

I recently visited a friend in Hyderabad. A couple of hours after I’d arrived we decided to walk to a nearby restaurant for dinner (this was evening. Eight-ish.) and we were walking along, talking about literature or gender or football … Continue reading

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Walking Papers

So some stuff came up in the thread about identification and gender-delineation in Illinois. I found myself making comments like this: Also, while hormones are less of a change than hormones and surgery, they’re not a trivial regimen to embark … Continue reading

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You’re All Going Down!

I’m talking to you, XOXO posters and other anonymous insulters — just wait until your asses are in jail. Who’s laughing now, suckas?

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