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Rubyfruit Jungle, oh how I heart you

Hi everyone–apologies for being MIA since Monday, things have been a lot crazier than I expected in the last few days. I am planning on posting something else later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, but I’m going to first … Continue reading

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What Gives You Hope?

In a world that has so much terrible stuff going on, finding hope has always been incredibly important to me. I need hope to survive, and I need hope to do pretty much anything related to social justice or helping … Continue reading

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Lately, I have been thinking a lot about love. Probably through some combination of Buddhist practice and reading a whole lot of bell hooks books, I’ve started to see love as the essence of what it is we’re really looking … Continue reading

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Better Than A Magic Eight Ball

Last week I got an email in my personal mailbox from a high school debater who found Feministe while researching the Hyde Amendment, who asked, “I have one question: ‘What’s with the toddler with the gun?’ How is that representative … Continue reading

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In Which Solnit and BFP Split Some S*it Right Open

So it’s an era of content overload, and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to apply a sort of slow-food/deep-economy/earth-democracy ethic to media making and consumption, and that has me thinking about what kind of media really moves and … Continue reading

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Angry White People Write Me Letters

Oh this is special: I have a few things to settle w/your stupid white ass. I just read a letter I wrote that you posted on your Feminazi blog or whatever the fuck it is. Stupid little white bitches like … Continue reading

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Dear Internet Porn,

Oh the gems that are on Craig’s List: Dear Internet Porn, These last ten years have been quite a trip, have they not? My letter to you now, however, is not one of celebration… I don’t feel like we are … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Anonymous.

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your organized campaign to silence us. That you would choose to devote so many hours and resources to your illegal and ill-fated efforts toward our demise is the highest compliment you could pay us. It … Continue reading

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Made for me

It’s everything I love in life (Mariah, Elliot and Olivia), and I thought I’d share. Plus, Lauren dared me.

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We Just Love Life So Much That We’re Happy to Threaten Yours

Or, “Pro-Life: We’ll Kill You If You Don’t Agree With Us!” An MP who called for Parliament to debate abortion limits has been bombarded with hate mail and death threats, forcing him to take stringent new security precautions. Dr Evan … Continue reading

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“Why do I love her SO MUCH?”

(That is a direct quote from me to my room mate, about two minutes ago). I have a not-so-secret love for all things Mariah Carey. And so I cannot tell you how excited I was when I happened to be … Continue reading

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The Coot Awards

World O’Crap has ’em, and there are some of our usual favorites, like Mike Adams. First of all, let me tell you how thrilled I am to receive hate mail from a feminist named “Daisy.” I can’t think of many … Continue reading

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