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Asher Roth, Hip Hop, and Rockism, Or Why Doesn’t My Kid Like Hip Hop?

Because Latoya and Jill polluted my wasting brain by posting about this last week, let’s go ahead and beat this Asher Roth topic into the ground. And hell, why not? ASHER ROTH IS TEH SUXXOR. ASHER ROTH IS A ROBERT … Continue reading

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Smarter Better Faster Stronger

Unlike Cara, I don’t watch Lost, so I’m dragging you all back to the inauguration festivities: specifically, the Neighborhood Ball, which was intended to be the “people’s ball” for locals, the Obamas’ new neighbors. It was the new First Couple’s … Continue reading

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A Little More on Motherhood and Choice

….and then I swear I am done. No more politics! Maegan, aka La Mamita Mala, gives her thoughts on the parameters of motherhood: So what does this Palin parranda of information and analysis mean to mamis of color, Latina mamis … Continue reading

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Before I discovered feminism…

… I was already neck-deep in hip-hop culture. The facts are simple: I was raised with hip-hop. That was the emerging culture my parents were immersed in as teenagers in the early 80s*, and even to this day there are … Continue reading

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