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Margaret Thatcher Dies

She was far from a feminist or social justice warrior, but she was, as the Times put it, “the first woman to become prime minister of Britain and the first to lead a major Western power in modern times.” She didn’t do particularly good things for women, the poor or the marginalized. While I can’t say I’m a fan of her policies, the increased normalization of women in power is a good thing — even if Thatcher herself thought feminism was unnecessary. She was not, in fact, a “real feminist.” But her election and her leadership were nonetheless indicative of feminist progress.

Where are the feminists today?

Last night, PBS aired the documentary MAKERS, a truncated history of the women’s movement. It’s streaming here, and is worth a watch — it’s powerful, inspiring and sometimes enraging. It serves as a good reminder of the debt of gratitude that we owe our feminist foremothers. At the end, though, there’s the question of where feminists are today — and there’s nothing about feminism online. I address that issue in the Guardian:

The many types of prostitutes in ancient Rome

UPDATE: After posting this guest entry, it was brought to my attention that the blog from which it is cross-posted contains material that is racist, misogynist, fat-shaming and transphobic. Had I known that history, I would not have allowed this post to be published on Feministe. We will not be publishing work from this author again. And going forward, when guest posts are offered, I will do more homework into a blogger’s background and past posts, instead of just generally perusing their blog for anything that immediately stands out. The Feministe team is also discussing ways to prevent this from happening in the future. I apologize that a piece from such a problematic author was posted in this space. -Jill

Where are you from? Part 7

That is it, there is no more. Thank you for participating in this project. Writing it certainly helped me to clarify and work through a lot of my thinking and pain around this question, and I feel a lot easier…

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This isn’t the post I was going to write today. I was going to write about the right to fuck up in feminist/progressive/social justice communities. Maybe you’ll get that one later in the week. But this morning I woke up…

Where are you from? Part 4

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