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Monday morning mood lifter: The best defense

It’s a gray, drizzly Monday morning in Birmingham, Alabama, and I’m grumpy because I stayed up last night reading a book because I was hoping it would get better, and it never did, and I’m perfectly happy to accept a degree of sleep deprivation if it’s for a book that’s actually good, but this is just out of line, but you know what? This weekend, a kid in St. Andrews, Scotland, took down a bigoted street preacher in “the most Scottish way possible.” Continue reading

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Sometimes I love McSweeney’s

Reasons you weren’t promoted that have nothing to do with gender.

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The Cosby jokes at the Golden Globes

[Content note for rape]

During their opening monologue at the Golden Globes last night, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler went there: They went straight in with a series of very direct jokes about the rape allegations against Bill Cosby. Continue reading

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Apropos of nothing: Shake It Off

Feeling the need to shake it off at the end of a long week? Sure you are. Want to do it without watching Taylor Swift? You might. Like people with huge hair in shiny Spandex? Yeah you do. Continue reading

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A father of daughters

Any father of daughters knows that a woman doesn’t actually become a person unless you contribute DNA to her. But when you do, boy howdy! Continue reading

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Joan Rivers lobs transphobic slurs at Michelle Obama, but, like, totally as a compliment

[Trigger warning for transphobia]

Unfunny comedian and walking Halloween decoration [update: See in comments where I regret writing that part] Joan Rivers took a completely random opportunity this week to throw transphobic slurs at Michelle Obama. Asked by a reporter, for some reason, whether we’ll ever see a gay president, she replied, “We already have it with Obama, so let’s calm down.” This was, she elaborated without prompting, because “You know Michelle is a [transphobic slur redacted]. A transgender. We all know.” Continue reading

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The 22

The House is voting tomorrow on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The anti-VAWA Republicans are introducing their own version of the bill, which removes protections for people in same-sex relationships and weakens provisions to allow courts on Native lands to prosecute non-Native Americans who commit violence on tribal lands. If the Republican version fails — and I hope it will — then the House will take up the more comprehensive version of the bill already passed in the Senate. The fact that VAWA remains controversial, and particularly that Republicans would want to make prosecutions more difficult on tribal lands and strip protections from people who suffer intimate partner violence from a member of the same sex, is stunning, though not surprising. There are 22 senators opposing VAWA, including Republican It Boy and Poland Springs spokesman Marco Rubio. The Ms Foundation for Women has brought a little levity (along with some eduction) to the issue with this parody video, which I am helping them disseminate, featuring the queen of the revenge tune, Ms. [fake] Taylor Swift: Continue reading

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Things they don’t teach you in law school

Lil’ Wayne is having some legal troubles. Continue reading

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Perhaps the only time in Feministe history that I will direct you to read the comments.

Go read the comments. Continue reading

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The Matinee Cure: A 1st World Solution to Heartbreak

(I am working on a bigger piece for Feministe, but thought I would post a few of my favorites from my “other” kind of writing in the mean time, which is to warn you that these are creative stories about … Continue reading

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Everything you ever needed to know about children

Is over at The Honest Toddler. The post about animals is spot-on. Continue reading

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Breaking: Weird, Area Woman Wasn’t Harassed Today

In a bizarre twist, she didn’t even get any lascivious grins or reminders that it wouldn’t hurt to smile. Continue reading

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