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A Travesty of Justice

A jury acquitted a Hoquiam man who was accused of breaking into a home and throwing a dead mink at another man during a confrontation that made weasel headlines across the country.
IT’S NOT A WEASEL, IT’S A MARTEN. Nosepunch. Flee. Acquitted.

Things to Not Put on a Tampon

Vodka. I’m also 97% sure that “putting vodka on a tampon and then getting drunk through your vagina (or butt)” is an urban legend on par with Rainbow Parties. Has someone probably tried it once or twice? Surely. Human beings…

Yet another Sexy Halloween

The Sexy [insert noun here] Halloween costumes just don’t go away. If anything, I think they’re getting even more ridiculous, or at least less recognizable as anything but a Victoria’s Secret Angel who’s the victim of a horrible prank–seriously, this…

The Only Girl In The Group

This is a guest post by Meghan O’Neill.
Hi. It’s Meghan. I’m a comedian. I mostly work in sketch comedy and I once belonged to a sketch group where I was…get ready for it…THE ONLY GIRL IN THE GROUP! […] a lot of the time, I was the author of those sketches. I was writing myself as the part of the patient wife or the bitchy girlfriend or the silent, sexy old lady and giving the spotlight to some other male person. On a good day, you’d call that generous. On a really good day, you’d call that stupid! Why would any writer/actor give up their best parts?!

Drunk Mooses Wreaking Havoc in Sweden

Move over bears, there’s a new animal threat in town: Inebriated mooses (meese? moose?). An inebriated moose trying to get more fermenting apples apparently lost its balance and ended up stuck in an apple tree in Sweden, The Local website…

There should be a law.

I agree with all of these proposed laws for New York City (especially the standing in line for ten minutes and then not knowing what you want, jesus). Commenters have made some terrible suggestions (banning businesses with AC from leaving…