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Pop Goes The Culture: Strong Female Characters (and more)

A few days ago in the #solidarityisforwhitewomen secondary thread, Gloria made a suggestion I really liked, so, welcome to the first edition of implementing Gloria’s idea! Last week, Sophia McDougall wrote an article in New Statesman that I’m linking to as a discussion kick-starter: I Hate Strong Female Characters.

P.S. Suggestions for discussion kickstarters for future Pop Goes The Culture editions are very welcome, pitching discussion-starter posts as Guest Posts is strongly encouraged!


So I brought this article up in conversation with trinityva. (The article is about young lesbians and butches of color. It very much reminds me of Where the Bois Are, the Ariel Levy article-then-chapter about boi culture, published in Female…

“We’re All the Same Everywhere”

(I forget sometimes that no one here knows what I’m reading unless I link to it.) So, before the hiatus, brownfemipower responded to my post (among several others) over at her blog: I most certainly appreciate that piny has at…