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Purity Culture and Sexual Assault

Caperton covered the Elizabeth Smart speech about abstinence already, and my Guardian column this week is on a similar topic: How an emphasis on purity is bad for women, bad for men and bad for rape survivors:
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Let’s talk about that “ambition gap”

It needs no re-telling here, but there’s a big gender gap in leadership roles: there are 20 women in the Senate, and that’s a record high. As of November 2012, there are 21 women who are Fortune 500 CEOs – about 4% – and that is also a record high. Yet, women are getting college degrees and entering the workforce at higher rates than men. Between graduating college and reaching senior management, something is stopping women from making it to the top echelons of the workforce Continue reading

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Welcome to the world, Layla Sorella

So many congratulations to Jessica Valenti and Andrew Golis for the birth of their first baby, Layla Sorella Valenti-Golis (how beautiful is that name?). Little Layla was born early, at 29 weeks, after Jessica was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia and … Continue reading

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Why diversity is important

With not one, but two examples from the pundit class. First up: Matt Yglesias, in response to some posts from Jessica and Scott about the Guttmacher study Jill wrote about here. The other day, Jessica Valenti was touting a questionable … Continue reading

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Why blame feminism for this?

Katha Pollitt’s got a piece up at TPM Cafe discussing her new book and, in particular, Toni Bentley’s bizarre “vagina dentata intellectualis” attack on it in the New York Times Book Review. It’s an interesting post, and it’s part of … Continue reading

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Jessica Valenti on The Colbert Report

She’s awesome. Congrats, Jess!

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Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela

Awesome feminist cartoonist Mikhaela Reid has a new book out, and she’ll be touring the country to promote it. She’s a pretty cool lady, so pick up a copy or stop by to see her in the following cities: Sat … Continue reading

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Full Frontal Followup

Oy. Back, you say? I’m such a deadbeat. Mkay, first some business. I know that Jill’s post was mostly about unsubstantive criticisms of Full Frontal Feminism. I think that it’s fair to complain about arguments like, “Jessica is too pretty … Continue reading

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Full Frontal Feminism

Jill and Full Frontal Feminism. Because of the giant ego! So I said that I was taking a break, but here I am. I’m writing specifically in response to the number of criticisms of Jessica Valenti’s new book, Full Frontal … Continue reading

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Buy Jessica’s Book

Jessica Valenti of Feministing has a book out: Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide To Why Feminism Matters. Check it out! Jessica’s assault on the media continues as she’s interviewed by a weirdly-obsessed-with-boob-flashing Rebecca Traister in Salon, as well … Continue reading

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Thank You!

To Daniel, who sent me a copy of Jessica Valenti’s new book, Full Frontal Feminism. I am very excited to read it. And Daniel, you brightened my day!

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Events to Attend

Lots of good stuff happening this week. Unfortunately all of it is on Thursday.

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