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The Jill Question: What is the Role of Privileged White Women in the Reproductive Justice Movement?

Several years ago, a colleague and I were invited to speak at a conference of progressive law students at Harvard.  We were there to share the results of our research project on young women of color, which made clear that … Continue reading

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Anti-gay professor will not teach at NYU

A follow-up to the NYU Law/Dr. Li-ann Thio drama: Apparently Dr. Thio has decided not to come and teach at NYU, citing hostility from students. I put in my two cents about Dr. Thio here. I actually think it’s good … Continue reading

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The oppressor and victim is who and what now?

Oh this story is so easy to critique. The summary is this: NYU Law, my alma mater, invited National University of Singapore professor Dr. Li-ann Thio to teach as a visiting professor. Dr. Thio is slated to teach “Human Rights … Continue reading

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Sonia Sotomayor nominated for the Supreme Court

This morning, Obama announced his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. The nomination’s notable for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that Sotomayor would be the first Latin@ to sit on the high bench, the … Continue reading

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Marc Steiner Show — Listen In

You can play yesterday’s Marc Steiner show, featuring Professor Danielle Citron, Latoya Peterson, yours truly, and a call-in from Renee, here. It’s a great discussion. And yes, I have asked Latoya about where she did her media training and I … Continue reading

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The Michigan 2L Speaks Out

The woman who was charged for reporting her assault has spoken out, sending an email to law school networks and posting a comment on Above the Law. A lot of people have been talking about her and she certainly deserves … Continue reading

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Dear Ann Arbor Police, Sgt. Richard Kinsey, University of Michigan and Yaron Eliav:

Are you fucking kidding me? The story goes like this: A University of Michigan Law School student went to police after being assaulted by Michigan Near Eastern Studies associate professor Yaron Eliav. The student had been advertising sexual services on … Continue reading

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So, four feminists walk into a bar…

…exam, the New York State Bar exam to be precise — a lot of aspiring lawyers are taking it tomorrow and Wednesday. And if I’m not mistaken, our very own Jill Filipovic will be among them! Several of my other … Continue reading

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Your First Amendment Right to Anonymous Free Speech

For any of you who are still following the AutoAdmit case (background posts all linked here), one of the anonymous commenters, who uses the handle AK47, has filed a motion to quash discovery of his IP address and other information … Continue reading

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Subpoenas allowed in AutoAdmit suit

This should be interesting. (No, I don’t feel like writing about this anymore. Hopefully the reasons behind that sentiment are obvious enough. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or what AutoAdmit is, here are some posts, in … Continue reading

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Tune In: NPR’s All Things Considered covers AutoAdmit

The show starts at 4pm EST, and the segment on AutoAdmit will air at 5:20 EST today. I was interviewed for it, but I have no idea what the totality of the story will be, or what the reporter will … Continue reading

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Take it like a man

By which I mean shut your pretty little pie-hole. Or so say Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds. They’re responding to the AutoAdmit lawsuit, and, unsurprisingly, they think that it’s just a case of boys being boys and overly-sensitive little girls … Continue reading

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