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Where are the women?

It would have been awfully nice if Republicans wouldn’t have unfairly maligned the wonderful and eminently qualified Susan Rice for Secretary of State, but we can’t blame them entirely for this room full of dudes. And great (and unsurprising) that the Obama administration has appointed many more women than the Bush administration. But women need to be at the highest levels and in the inner circle. And… Continue reading

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Thanks for having me

When I said that I would be around for about ten days, I was apparently not paying close attention to the guest-blogging schedule Jill sent out. It turns out my guest-blogging stint is up! I would like to thank Jill … Continue reading

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The Leaky Pipeline and me

In my department here at Big Name University, 30% of students receiving undergraduate degrees are women. 15% of students receiving master’s degrees are women, and 7% of doctoral students. I’m not sure what the numbers are for assistant professors hired, … Continue reading

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I’m Dr. Confused and I’m a rocket scientist. That’s not quite true. I haven’t done any work on rockets, though I am probably relatively close to qualified to do so. I have a Doctorate of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering. I … Continue reading

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