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Good advice from smart people

Do you read Ask Polly? I love Ask Polly. She and Captain Awkward are my favorite advice-givers in all of internet land. And she has some particularly good advice this week, for both a woman who’s boyfriend isn’t treating her right, and another who is afraid to end a dysfunctional relationship with a heroin addict. They’re both scared of being alone. Polly says, in a way that feels especially right to me at this particular moment in my life (which is how we always read advice columns, isn’t it?): Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am celebrating by talking about internet love on Al Jazeera and then sharing some early-bird ramen with my best friend in DC before I hop on a train back to New York. In other words, I’m in love, and I’m livin’ today like it’s Galentine’s Day: Continue reading

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Support Frank Talk about Sex and Intimacy by Supporting Hip Hop is For Lovers

“HH4L is something I believe in. We have the potential — and are building the momentum to — impact the culture at large. Not just Hip Hop culture. I’ve seen myself transformed through this work. I know and believe to my core that we can reach folks with what we do.” Continue reading

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The deficient single woman

Chally is a former Feministe staffer. She writes at Zero at the Bone. I’m really quite troubled by the centring of romantic/sexual relationships at the expense of all other ways of organising lives. Right now, I’m going to explore this … Continue reading

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In Solidarity (and thank you, once again, for having me)

Hi, Feministe-ers. It’s been two weeks, and I haven’t written every day or written everything I’ve wanted to. I’ve written some things that have made you angry, and some things that have made you happy, and some things that I … Continue reading

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Attention single, miserable ladies looking for love (aka “the entirety of Feministe’s readership”):

I have found the perfect boyfriend for you. You’re welcome. You’re going to have to give up all 19 of your cats, but you’ll get over it, because there are rewards involved.

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Pet Peeve

If you’re riding the subway during rush hour and it’s time to get off the train and walk up the stairs, it’s also time to put your newspaper down. I understand you may be reading a really interesting article, but … Continue reading

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Show Us How Much You Love Us

Vote for us in the Weblog Awards. You can vote once every 24 hours, so vote often, and vote Feministe.

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Dear Baby Boomers,

It’s been almost 40 years since Woodstock. The babies conceived there are getting gray hair and crow’s feet and are old enough to run for President themselves. Some of them have kids who are old enough to fight in the … Continue reading

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Reason #58670 I love New York

Zombie Yoga.

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Be my guest

Dear Serena Joy Ann Coulter, If you are of the opinion that women should not vote, you are welcome to stop voting at any time. And, for that matter, doing anything to support the Republican party. Love Regards Signed, Zuzu … Continue reading

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Awesome Feminist Singer-Songwriter

First, congrats to Michael Hussey for his Best Local Political Blog award! It is very well-earned. He passes on the message that Lorna Bracewell performed at the awards ceremony, and that she brought down the house. Check her out — … Continue reading

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