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Welcome to Neverland, Inc.

Losse rightly calls out Sandberg’s vision as a kind of business feminism that doesn’t look much different from regular boys’ business for girls; as she says, Lean In “teaches women more about how to serve their companies than it teaches companies about how to be fairer places for women to work.” Losse seems to be holding out for something closer to a feminist business. But there may be an even bigger problem than this, since Silicon Valley’s tech industry isn’t just Neverland–it’s Neverland, Inc., a place where Peter Pan CEOs carry out corporate-centered policies and politics that are bad for all workers.

Why Not Gender-Neutral Marriage?

I think it was Amp who I first heard the term “gender-neutral marriage” from, and it makes a lot of sense — particularly when put in the framework that Amanda presents in this fantastic post. After reading Dan Savage’s latest…

Massive Link Round-up

Feminism Green Gabbro is “shocked! that people who call themselves liberals could be so eager to distance themselves from feminist arguments. I mean, no, wait, what the hell did you expect? That people would magically acknowledge the legitimacy of an…