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Bring the binders full of men!

When I was a kid, grownups would tell me, “Only prostitutes need to be on birth control.” As I grew older, I saw these kinds of people being elected to office. By the time I came to university, they were openly waging war on women’s contraceptive rights, lecturing us on how rape survivors don’t need abortion access because you can’t get pregnant through “legitimate rape.”

Well, last week, two-thirds of women our age rose up and voted these creeps out of office – and elected a record number of women. Next year they’ll make up 20 percent of the Senate. One of them is openly lesbian. As a sibling to an LGBT sister, I almost cried when I heard that.


So I brought this article up in conversation with trinityva. (The article is about young lesbians and butches of color. It very much reminds me of Where the Bois Are, the Ariel Levy article-then-chapter about boi culture, published in Female…

What I’m Reading Today

I finally set up an account at Bloglines, so that I can read all the blogs and news articles my little heart desires in one shot (if you’re not on my blogroll and you should be, leave your URL in…

Femininity and The Wimp Factor

Media Girl (in the comments of XX) points to this interview by Stephen J. Ducat, author of The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity. If you didn’t get the point of Hillary hatred, the…