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The Personal Lives of Men

I’m not often a fan of the “if this had been a woman….” line of argument because it’s nearly impossible to prove, but: If this article about Benjamin Millepied being made the new director of dance at the Paris Opera Ballet had been about a female choreographer landing such a role, and that female choreographer was married to an Oscar-winning Hollywood star that she met while choreographing one of his movies, that would have been mentioned in the first two paragraphs. And the fact that they have a kid together would have been mentioned as more than an aside. Continue reading

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In Which He, Fatefully, Returns to Gender.

My first two notes about the intsersection of parenting and gender revealed that I was typing out of my depth. I would like to try one more time, having read all of the comments and thought some more about it, … Continue reading

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Responding to Raising Children in Our Way-Past-Gender Society.

In this post I respond to the comments to Raising Children in Our Way-Past-Gender Society. I found them to be better building blocks in the conversation than my own first guest post.

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Purity or Integrity?

What would you rather be — sexually pure or a person of integrity? The purity balls are back, but this time for boys. And since they’re for boys, “purity” isn’t the issue, since apparently that requires having a hymen. No, … Continue reading

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Wiki Women

I adore Wikipedia, and so I was more than a little disappointed to read their definitions of “man” and “woman.” Via Scribblepad, we find that the headings for “man” include: Contents [hide] * 1 Etymology * 2 Age * 3 … Continue reading

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Joke Deconstruction: Mars and Venus

Thanks to Lauren for letting me guest post here. My plan is to rip apart a joke, which I’ll indicate first, thus starting a (possibly) long tradition of ruining everyone’s fun. The Story: Man and woman are intimate in bed. … Continue reading

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