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What would King learn from us?

An elementary school teacher told a story to me once. I was still struggling to learn English, so over the course of the year I asked her often to retell the story.

Years ago in Alabama, the wife of a young preacher received a delivery of red carnations from her husband. They were beautiful, but as she touched them, she noticed they were artificial. When her husband came home, she asked about the flowers. He said, “I wanted to give you something that you could always keep.” Continue reading

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NYT Wedding Announcements, Wealth, and the Frosts

One of the weapons that the Malkinites have deployed against the Frost family is that they must have been really rich, but slumming and choosing to be poor, because their wedding announcement ran in the New York Times. O RLY? … Continue reading

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NAACP ignores pro-lifers

LOL! Pro-lifers from Georgia are upset about being ignored again at the NAACP annual convention: This July approximately 8,000 NAACP members met in Detroit for the organization’s annual convention. While Saturday’s major theme was improving access to heath care, NAACP … Continue reading

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The content of their character.

Brownfemipower has more on intentionally obscuring desegregation as an anti-racist goal in and of itself: but then i got to the very first comment in the long list of wonderful comments which was as follows: Affirmative action is all about … Continue reading

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Ken Lay: Martyr, Lynching Victim, Christ-like.

I won’t speak ill of the dead here, but I will say that it’s sickening that at Ken Lay’s funeral service, he was compared to Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, James Byrd and Jesus Christ. The Rev. Bill Lawson, pastor … Continue reading

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