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Reproductive organs: This is the shit I’m talking about

Three blood bags, with female/moon goddess symbols on them, labeled "Sacred Blood of the Divine Feminine - Only for Use in Flux with the Universe"

[Trigger warning: transphobia]

This is the shit I’m talking about: TERFs love to insist that women are not defined by our reproductive organs, until they need an excuse to exclude trans women, at which point we’re defined exclusively by our reproductive organs. And they always have to throw in a little goddess-moon-divine-menstruation magic, too, and that’s another one: Conservative Christians using their religion to police women’s bodies is wrong, but using foofy sacred-divine-goddess mysticism is perfectly acceptable for TERFy purposes.

Tampons for the Sporty Set

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Museum of Menstruation

My dear friend Kate Goldwater of AuH2o fame has some of her creative works — paintings with her menstrual blood — up in the online Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health. Check out her work, and the rest of the…

The Women of Gitmo

There are countless reasons to be outraged about the abuses of detainees at American military prisons. But there is one abuse about which there can surely be no debate, even among the die-hard supporters of President Bush: the exploitation and…