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Today in the No Shit, Sherlock Files

Shorter Pogo: I said some awful things, and now my Twitter is full of people are telling me they were awful, and I may have just alienated my core fanbase. So NOT FAIR, because it was all just an experiment anyway, you bratty feminist hyenas! Continue reading

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Get Me out of this Forest!: A Feminist Critique of Into the Woods

Guest Blogger Alex Ketchum is a PhD candidate in the Department of History at McGill University.

Audiences and critics alike appear enamored with director Rob Marshall’s cinematic adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s 1987 musical Into The Woods. However, no one seems to be talking about the misogyny within its plot. Continue reading

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A journalist reflects on what she didn’t write 25 years ago in Montreal, and why

It’s a fascinating piece about how the rage of women at what the massacre represented in the fight for equal opportunity and professional respect was sidelined and gatekept from being part of the national and international discussion of the massacre at the time, and shines a light on everyday silencing tactics. Continue reading

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They’re still trying to silence Anita Sarkeesian

Why the latest escalation from the constant rumbling fulmination that has become Sarkeesian’s normal circumstances? Because she published another video in her series of Tropes vs Women critiques: Women as Background Decoration: Part 2 Continue reading

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“Revenge rampages”: Obscuring the issue and missing the point

[Trigger warning for ableism and violence against women]

How is that a man can leave a 140-page manifesto describing, in explicit detail, how much he hates women, why he hates women, why he thinks women deserve to be punished, and precisely how he plans to punish them — and then his subsequent killing spree is attributed to everything but misogyny? Continue reading

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PUAs and MRAs respond to the Santa Barbara killings

Well hello again! Yes I am still here, although MIA for the past month or so as I wrapped up my freelance life and started at Cosmopolitan.com full time. And I’m writing a lot over there: On illegal abortion in Brazil, on pro-choice advocates embracing life, on the minimum wage, on the increasing inaccessibility of abortion in the American South, on the kidnapped Nigerian girls. I’m also doing a series of interviews with women who have interesting careers, detailing how they got to where they are. So far I’ve spoken with Jordan Zimmerman, a cheese educator; Anna Holmes, a journalist and the founder of Jezebel; and Sadie Nardini, a yoga instructor who was paralyzed as a child and now runs a massive international wellness empire. The latest: On PUA and MRA responses to the misogynist murders in Santa Barbara. Here is one of those things:
Continue reading

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“Revenge” shootings in Santa Barbara

[Content Note: shootings, murder, misogyny]

Andie and Donna have both posted links in the Open Thread to news items about the Isla Vista mass shootings, and rather than let this atrocity swamp the social thread I’ve decided to give this its own post.

I ask commentors to avoid speculating about possible mental health diagnoses. What we know as facts is horrific enough. Continue reading

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What @sciam’s actions tell me as a female scientist of color #standingwithDNLee

Guest Blogger @DrRubidium is an analytical chemist.

Scientist and science communicator @DNLee5 declined an offer to blog for free from biology-online.org and got called a ‘whore’. @DNLee5 posted a thoughtful response on her Scientific American’s blog ‘The Urban Scientist’. A short time later, her response vanished… Continue reading

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Rape Culture, Purity Culture and Where Virtue Sits

I haven’t had the stomach to write about the horrific Indian gang rape that left a woman dead, but this NYT op/ed by Sohaila Abdulali is worth a read. My favorite part: Continue reading

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Woman dies after being refused medically necessary abortion

“This is a Catholic country” was what Irish doctors told Savita Halappanavar after she learned she was miscarrying her pregnancy and asked for an abortion to avoid further complications. She spent three days in agonizing pain, eventually shaking, vomiting and passing out. She again asked for an abortion and was refused, because the fetus still had a heartbeat.

Then she died. Continue reading

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American Horror Story and the Evils of the Sexual Woman

In terms of the female characters on American Horror Story there are quite a few problematic elements. There is the issue of violence and rape, but one that often gets overlooked is the treatment of sex. It is impossible to have a discussion about sex and American Horror Story without examining the character of Moira. Continue reading

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Stop calling Sandy a bitch

I have finally escaped the wilds of northern California and am now back in New York, where I thankfully have electricity but no internet. Good thoughts are with Feministe readers and loved ones who may be less lucky. I did manage to squat at a friend’s house to write my Guardian column, which is about what it means that we anthropomorphize a hurricane into a slutty, bitchy woman:

Sandy was a real bitch.

She was a whore who screwed cities across the eastern seaboard. She can blow real good, but we’re glad she’s gone. She’s sorting the men from the boys. She’s the most important woman in the swing states.

Continue reading

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