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Exposing Internet Creeps

Adrian Chen is fucking awesome. And I have very little sympathy for cries about “privacy” from people who make it their primary hobby to violate the privacy of others. Sorry, but the internet is not, in fact, 100% anonymous. Just because you are online doesn’t mean you’re not interacting in the world. And “free speech” does not actually mean “the freedom to say whatever I want, no matter how awful, with zero pushback.” Content note on that link and the rest of this post: Violence, misogyny, sexual assault, racism, and just about anything else foul you can think of.

Why Breastfeeding Is A Feminist Issue

What’s going so wrong with the breastfeeding and formula-feeding conversation? Start with the rampant individualism. Conversations about how you feed your baby tend to be preoccupied with women’s choices and decisions.. and then, blame. You know the conversation has little…

Don’t you hate it when

You get raped, but it’s not, like, legitimate rape, and so your amazing kinda-witchy female body doesn’t automatically prevent pregnancy and then you’re like, “Oh shit I’m pregnant, I guess that rape wasn’t real, well at least there’s one upside to this whole situation”? Yeah I hate that too. Thankfully, Rep. Todd Akin, who is running for a U.S. Senate in Missouri, knows doctors, and explains that abortion rights in the case of “legitimate” rape aren’t an issue:

A Tale of Two Countries

One of the great things about the Olympics is that women’s athletics gets the spotlight for a couple of weeks every four years. And it seems as though every Olympiad, the IOC or the governing bodies of various sports get…

War on Women Timeline

If you find yourself needing to convince anyone that the War on Women is real, EMILY’s List has put together this handy interactive timeline. I realize there are some who will nevertheless refuse to be convinced — or who will…