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Our feminist foremothers didn’t fight for your right to enjoy your life.

Apparently they were fighting for… the obligation for you to feel guilty about having a life you like? The need to be told you’re selfish, shallow and immature for concluding that children are expensive, you don’t feel any strong pull … Continue reading

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Apparently it’s National Sanctimommy Week on the internet

Did you know that All Moms judge you if you’re a mom and consider abortion? Or that All Moms think you’re a whiny selfish narcissist who reminds them of their kindergartner if you haven’t had babies yet? No? Well, these moms, who speak for All Moms On The Internet, would like you to know that they’re judging you. Especially if you’re one of their “close friends” who confides in them, and especially if they are so selfless (being MOMS) that they naturally hear about 1/2 of what you’re saying and then make everything else about them. Continue reading

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So, what do you hate yourself for?

Jill asked this question on Alas, and I’m ganking it and pretending that it’s an actual post by me: Moving away from the highly predictable “Fat is unhealthy! Let me come in here and explain how unhealthy it is because … Continue reading

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Parenting and Depression

And one I can relate to — Dooce writes about her depression, motherhood, and a new must-read book: I have received a lot of email about the things I wrote during that time, email that thanks me for sharing a … Continue reading

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Scorn for Parenthood

Give me a friggin break. The situation is this: Emily Yoffe, better known as Dear Prudence on Slate, received a letter from a happily married childfree-by-choice couple asking for advice on how to deal with pushy people who questioned their … Continue reading

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That’s so sweet!

Brownfemipower gets tired. i asked what makes me “exotic” looking–my boobs that can play patty cake with my knees, or my new glasses, or maybe my tendency to forget to comb my hair in the morning. One of her commenters, … Continue reading

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Motherhood: A Request

If anyone has any posts, research or links related to the Andrea Yates trial and related incidents, “ideal” motherhood, post-partum depression and psychosis, and any other subjects that deal with the societal harms of the prescriptive idealized mother/motherhood experience, please … Continue reading

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