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Naomi Wolf and the Sacred Vagina

Oy Naomi Wolf. Why are we all still referring to you as some sort of feminist thought leader? I am very happy for you that you are having wonderful earth-shattering shivering mystical sex. You are correct that the vagina and the brain are, in fact, part of “one whole system” — the same way that the left hand and the brain or the nose and the brain are also part of one whole system (the human body, for the slower to catch on). I even think you’re probably correct that many women (most women?) could be having better sex, and that our own cultural constructions of sex (begins with a boner, ends with ejaculation) are not only centered almost entirely on male sexual experience and desire but also thwart female sexual pleasure and understand a woman’s experience with and desire for heterosexual sex only in relation to a man’s (assumed to be neutral, standard and true) definition and understanding of sex. All of that is bad for women, in and out of the bedroom. But here, as explained by a lovely reviewer in the New York Review of Books, is where you lose me:

Doing It All

Naomi Wolf has an interesting article in the Washington Post today about how images of falling-apart women dominate the media while real-life women are increasingly independent and competent. She rightly pins part of it on backlash culture, which is certainly…

Not a pretty girl.

I’m going to tell you a story that my parents told me and my sister. I’m not telling it to brag. I don’t know whether or not it’s true. I hope it’s not true. I’m telling this story so that…

Feminism and Me

Amanda is asking for your stories of how you became a feminist. Since I’m all into borrowing fantastic topics when I see them, I’ll steal this one from her, too.

A Fine Day for Book Nerds

Today in Bryant Park, the New York Times hosted an event featuring several fantastic authors doing readings and book signings. A partial list of the writers: Jonathan Safran Foer, Naomi Wolf, Nicole Krauss, Jill Nelson, Bob Herbert, Pete Hamill, Paul…