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Weiner campaign continues its implosion

And a communications director who lets fly a series of expletives about a former intern, on the record to a reporter, is perhaps the best chapter yet. Unladylike language below the fold!
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What Doesn’t Belong? Or, that Awkward Vacant Condominium on My Block.

I live on a funny little street corner in Brooklyn. If you walk in one direction, there is Greenpoint—filled with Polish bakeries and businesses, and perhaps one of my favorite shop signs in all of New York City. In another … Continue reading

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New York leads in never-married women — but what about the men?

New York state has the highest percentage of never-married women in the country, and in New York City it’s even higher. 34.8 percent of New York state women over the age of 15 have never married; in the city, it’s … Continue reading

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Weak and Despicable

Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, has come out against the gays. Paladino, notably, is the guy who forwarded emails onto his coworkers which contained racially offensive “jokes” (including jokes characterizing black people as monkeys), images … Continue reading

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Like many of the folks over at NY Mag (and, I suspect, most New York City residents), I also wildly fear being pushed onto the subway tracks, being murdered in the back of a cab, being doored by a parked … Continue reading

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On that “Ground Zero” Mosque

A List of Thoughts: 1. The mosque isn’t just a mosque — it’s a cultural center which contains a prayer room, classrooms, a gym, a pool, a 9/11 memorial, a restaurant, galleries, and an auditorium. So it’s actually more like … Continue reading

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Goodbye Goodbye

My last day as a guest blogger!  I want to thank the Feministe regulars for sharing your corner of the interwebs with me.  Thank you to the readers who read my posts, and especially thank you to those of you … Continue reading

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What the DOE doesn’t want you reading

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I will be a senior at a public high school in NYC this fall. (As much as I’d like to forget all about school during these fleeting summer months, it still seems to … Continue reading

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Espada’s defection hurts more than just the Dems

For those not following New York politics, Pedro Espada recently defected from the Democratic party, helping to secure a power coup for the Republicans in Albany. But his decision didn’t just hurt the party; it did harm to tenants (and … Continue reading

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Goodbye, New York marriage equality

Ugh. But hey, as long as Espada can satisfy his thirst for power…

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Here’s a genius idea during a recession:

Increase the cost of public transportation while you also cut service. This could have been avoided (or at least somewhat mitigated) by imposing a toll on the Harlem and East River bridges. Some Democrats, though, opposed that measure, because they … Continue reading

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NYPD accused of raping intoxicated woman

Following in the wake of the beating of a 15-year-old girl by county cops in Washington state, and adding to the growing mountain of police brutality against women I am even more disheartened to hear about another set of accusations … Continue reading

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