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Remembering September 11th, 2001

Today is the five-year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. I hope everyone will take a few minutes today to reflect on what happened, and send your thoughts/prayers to the people who have been most deeply affected.

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Monday Funny

Tourist: I want to go home. New York is so unchristian. Look at this, they even have a place called “Satan Island”! New Yorker: Oh yeah, we New Yorkers are the worst. We even sold our souls to the devil … Continue reading

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The Architecture of Fear

Well, it’s that time of year again — time to start up the “Remembering 9/11” stories. And it being the fifth anniversary of the attacks, we can expect a whole lot of remembering. Salon has a good piece today (though, … Continue reading

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A Corpse Flower Grows in Brooklyn

Fans of stench, rejoice! The corpse flower at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is about to bloom! “People will say, ‘Do you have a dead animal in here?’ ” said Patrick J. Cullina, vice president of horticulture and facilities at the … Continue reading

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Unusual Weather We’re Havin’, Ain’t It?

Tell me why global warming is “controversial,” again? Manatee turns up in the Hudson River.

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A Real Hot Fundraiser

Jessica Valenti from Feministing invites everyone to a party/fundraiserto honor the REAL Hot 100, which list includes our own real hot little Jill Filipovic. Here’s the info: The REAL hot 100 is celebrating 2006’s hottest women with a big old … Continue reading

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The Making of a Proper Victim

What happened to Jennifer Moore, a young New Jersey woman who drove into Manhattan with a girlfriend two days ago for some partying and wound up dead in a trash bin, is tragic. She and her friend became separated at … Continue reading

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The Vulnerability of the Aged

There’s a weird story developing here in New York involving charges that Brooke Astor’s son is robbing her blind while failing to provide her with proper care. Mrs. Astor is very, very old — 104 — and was diagnosed with … Continue reading

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The Mommy Diaries

What happens when New York City women go online and create their own mommy-centered community? A lot of rage, frustration and class warfare. My feelings echo Rebecca Traister’s: There is so much to say about Emily Nussbaum’s New York magazine … Continue reading

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Didja Know Feminism is to Blame?

For what, you ask? Oh, just about everything, usually, but today we’re blaming feminism for ruining marriage. And not just for straights — feminists ruin gays’ chances of getting married, too! Oh, and feminism causes divorce, which causes explosions.

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Good Lord.

Sick puppy Dr. Bartha apparently sent around a lengthy email to various luminaries, including Arnold Schwarzenegger. Here are some lowlights. My brother died because his wife was able to divorce him with lies and help from N.Y.S., with help of … Continue reading

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Love and Real Estate

Nope, terrorists didn’t have anything to do with yesterday’s explosion on E. 62nd Street. (And, from what Purplegirl tells me, the explosion didn’t have anything to do with my delayed commute — that was due to a body on the … Continue reading

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