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Generation Fight / Identity Fight

I’m glad to see queer youth getting some love / representation in this New York Times article. But like so many pieces on youth social justice movements, the article positions young LGBTQIA folks as “post-gay” and somehow at odds with older generations, which doesn’t actually seem to be true in the real world.

I’m glad to see that a diversity of sexual identities are being recognized. But I also worry about the intense focus on identity, and what that means for social justice movements. Continue reading

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Onward Christian Soldiers

Not even a good Christian education will teach you how to spell “infidels.” Radically conservative Christian colleges are targeting students all over the country — and they’re literally looking to go medieval on your ass: The students and teachers call … Continue reading

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Gotta start somewhere

I’m going to introduce myself with my first guest post this week because I’m still a little intimidated by writing for such a big audience, and if there’s something I don’t have trouble writing about, it’s myself. My name is … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Illinois Senator Barack Obama is Considering a Bid for the Presidency….

Ever since his stirring 2004 Democratic National Convention address, folks have been suggesting that he would make a damn fine President. And ever since the 2004 Democratic presidential loss, this call for an Obama run has been getting louder, especially … Continue reading

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For the Weekend, Things You Should Read

At BAGnewsNotes, Giving Darwin the Finger is a visual analysis of the recent TIME magazine cover that frames God against a thoughtful chimp. Alley Rat’s post on women and intellectual invisibility is something that hits home for me. “I just … Continue reading

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