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Bring the binders full of men!

When I was a kid, grownups would tell me, “Only prostitutes need to be on birth control.” As I grew older, I saw these kinds of people being elected to office. By the time I came to university, they were openly waging war on women’s contraceptive rights, lecturing us on how rape survivors don’t need abortion access because you can’t get pregnant through “legitimate rape.”

Well, last week, two-thirds of women our age rose up and voted these creeps out of office – and elected a record number of women. Next year they’ll make up 20 percent of the Senate. One of them is openly lesbian. As a sibling to an LGBT sister, I almost cried when I heard that.

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Career Racist Mark Steyn Writes About Tribalism

And by “tribes” he quite literally means black and brown people, who he believes are “unnaturally” contaminating America, and who the Republican party should in no way recognize or represent. Continue reading

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The Southern Strategy

Was not just a way of simplistically race-baiting; it set the framework for the modern Republican party. And it’s not just the standard racist dog-whistles that we mostly recognize (welfare, state’s rights); it’s covered up in supposedly race-neutral issues like taxation. Continue reading

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For once, I agree with Charlotte Allen

Please, GOP, please please please please run Sarah Palin in 2016. I will even donate to her primary campaign. Continue reading

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Woman dies after being refused medically necessary abortion

“This is a Catholic country” was what Irish doctors told Savita Halappanavar after she learned she was miscarrying her pregnancy and asked for an abortion to avoid further complications. She spent three days in agonizing pain, eventually shaking, vomiting and passing out. She again asked for an abortion and was refused, because the fetus still had a heartbeat.

Then she died. Continue reading

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Pregnancy caused by rape is a gift, ladies, so say thank you!

Can Republicans stop talking about rape now? Or maybe keep talking, so we know what they really think? Continue reading

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Conservatives ask themselves, fight cancer or fight sex?

And they choose sex every time. My latest in the Guardian: Continue reading

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What do little girls have to do with our wars?

This week a Taliban hit squad in Pakistan targeted and shot Malala Yousafzai, a 14-year old who was fighting for the right of girls to be educated. I cried at the inhumanity on and off all day when I heard. Maybe she should have just dressed the part and saved her life. I’m not being flip. I wish with all my heart that she didn’t have to be shot in the head to become a “global icon” for the plight of girls. But the plight of girls is the plight of the world. That’s what people need to come to terms with. Continue reading

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Why Mitt Romney is the wrong choice on abortion rights.

He keeps changing his tune, and it’s pretty obvious that Mitt doesn’t actually care about abortion — he’ll just do whatever the GOP tells him to. And that’s exactly why we should be worried. Take, for example, his pledge to reinstate the Global Gag Rule: Continue reading

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“Some Girls Rape Easy”

That’s what Wisconsin state representative Roger Rivard thinks, anyway. But don’t worry, everyone, he’s clarified! He didn’t mean it’s actually easy to rape some girls; what he meant was, sometimes you have consensual sex with a girl and then it turns out she’s a lying slut and she claims you raped her. So it was an easy rape! Because she’s easy. And so was the rape (“rape”). And it’s not even what he said, it’s what his daddy said. He was just repeating good advice. Because that’s really good advice: Don’t have sex, because the girl you have sex with might be a dirty lying whore. I mean, you know she’s at least a dirty whore, because sex. Lying isn’t so far off. Continue reading

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Wait you mean pro-life politicians think they can control women’s reproductive choices?

Yes, we are all very disgusted that Scott DeJarlais, a “pro-life” Republican Tea Party Congressman and doctor, slept with a patient, got her pregnant and then pushed her to have an abortion. Pro-life! Except when a pregnancy is inconvenient for him personally. Continue reading

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From the pages of Duh Online…

Study finds that free contraceptives lower the abortion rate. Free birth control led to greatly lower rates of abortions and births to teenagers, a large study concludes, offering strong evidence for how a bitterly contested Obama administration policy could benefit … Continue reading

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