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Pleased to Meet You

Hey everyone. My name is Cara and I’m the latest in the round of guest-bloggers. You may know me from my blog The Curvature. Or you may know me from a guest-blogging stint that I did a couple of months … Continue reading

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Whiteness and Blogging: An Interview Request

A well-timed entrance, if I do say so myself. Hey y’all, hope your week’s wrapping up nice like Saran. My name is Katie, and I’m an undergrad at Harvard surviving writing my senior thesis on whiteness in U.S. feminist and … Continue reading

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A Christmas Pussy Carol

We have a talented and funny commentariat here at Feministe, as evidenced by the comments here in the Feministe’s Next Top Troll thread. One concept I’d like to pick up from that thread is the Christmas Pussy carol that got … Continue reading

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Sexism in our Everyday Professional Lives

One of the roles I think feminist blogs can play in our lives is what the “Women’s Libbers” liked to call “Consciousness Raising.” While the phrase evokes a coven of Farrah-Fawcett-haired women in an avocado and harvest-gold living room, I … Continue reading

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Looking for some volunteers from the British Isles or Australia

To try out this thing: It’s the Faveo Freedom Bra, and its inventor, Joanne Morgan, swears it’s comfortable and supportive for large breasts. It just, well, it looks weird. And entirely counterintuitive. But if it’s really true that it’s supportive … Continue reading

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Hi There. Plus, Postfeminism: Innocuous Descriptive Term or Crock of Antifeminist Poop?

Hi y’alls. Thanks to Jill for asking me to participate in the summer o’ guest blogging, especially since the only thing I write regularly these days is e-mail. I’m excited to be kicked in the pants to write more, and … Continue reading

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Because I promised…

Way back when I was tagged to be a guest-blogger here, I said that I would write some race-relations 101 posts. I have some ideas (and I’m hoping to flesh out at least one of them today), but I’d like … Continue reading

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Good Night, and Good Luck.

Well, it’s been quite the week, hasn’t it? My time here at Feministe is coming to an end, and I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Jill et. al. for handing over the keys to the Porsche. I … Continue reading

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Sleeping with the Enemy, Part 2

I know I promised to make Sleeping with the Enemy, Part 2 about what happens in your community, family & culture when you go from over a decade of queer relationships to dating a straight cisgender man, but honestly, I’m … Continue reading

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Answer the WAM!2008 Call for Proposals

As the Conference organizer, I’m a little biased, but I gotta say it anyhow: the Women, Action & the Media Conference kicks ass. And we’ve just (like, as in, five minutes ago) released our 2008 Call for Proposals, and I … Continue reading

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book recs for children

One of the consequences of being the only literature person in a room full of doctors (parents’ friends, usually) is having to come up with endless recommended reading lists for their children. A lot of Indian parents, and I’m not … Continue reading

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Six questions for Feministe readers

I suddenly realized that one of the lovely perks about being able to guest blog here this week is that I get to ask questions to a very large audience, much larger than I am used to. I’m in the … Continue reading

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