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More Emphatically Pro-Choice with Every Pregnancy

Guest Blogger: Molly Westerman

It’s interesting to me to hear how individuals’ gut feelings and beliefs about reproductive justice–and specifically about abortion and fetuses–are affected by personal experiences of pregnancy. Continue reading

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I have nearly 200 tiny babies in my uterus right now.

A warning to all uterus-havers who are on hormonal birth control: That uterus of yours is absolutely filled with tiny dead babies. Lots and lots of little babies. You’re basically a microbaby graveyard, says conservative radio host Kevin Swanson, a.k.a. That Snoring Guy In The Back Of Sophomore Biology Class, or alternately That Guy Not In Biology Class Because He Was Biblically Homeschooled and now promotes godly homeschooling and a Biblical worldview, and that’s just medical science. Continue reading

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The idea that “life begins at conception” is a Biblical view younger than the Happy Meal

In fact, it’s really only been considered Biblically “true” since 1979 — before that, Evangelicals held widely varying positions, and even some of the most vocal “life begins at conception” voices today didn’t think that zygote life was the equivalent of born-human life in the 1960s and 70s. But political necessities change, and with them Bible interpretations. Read that whole piece; it’s fascinating. Also worth considering the role played by the new Right, and the need to replace full-throated support for segregation with other issues that could rally racist whites, particularly in the South. Continue reading

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What Pro-Choice Looks Like

Radical doulas. Reproductive choice also encompasses the right to give birth in the setting that is best for you. As radical doula Miriam Perez writes: Beyond all of this, what the birthing rights movement addresses is the narrowing scope of … Continue reading

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Someone get this man a newpaper, or at least an Us Weekly

I know Robert Novak isn’t exactly “hip,” but I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be so thoroughly disconnected from reality. His column this week is about a movie called Bella, in which a pregnant woman decides to … Continue reading

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Speaking of Panty-Sniffing

Digby has a post up about a NOW program on the forced-birth movement in South Dakota that features the very insane Leslee Unruh, who is not only spearheading the effort to ban abortion in South Dakota, she’s pushing for abstinence-only … Continue reading

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Time to Declare War

I’m with MzNicky: There is a War on Women, and we will fight back. But what if fighting back means not fucking?

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Beijing Seizes “Barefoot Lawyer”

Chen Guancheng, a 34-year-old blind peasant who has become a rather unlikely hero in the rural Chinese legal system, was seized in Beijing for daring to promote reproductive choice in China. He was in the process of filing a class-action … Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Desktop!

And you thought my usual round-ups were big? Ha! Some of these links may be considered vintage, as they have been waiting for me to write on them since before my pilgrimage to Graceland. Consider it my duty to spread … Continue reading

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What You Should Be Reading Since I’m Not Writing

The regular computer is again broken and typing on this laptop must be equivalent to the seventh circle of hell. To top it off, my ADD is in full swing. I’ve been a napping fool and don’t have the usual … Continue reading

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Know your enemy

I read anti-choice blogs, websites and op/eds often. Why? Not just to get mad, but because I think you have to really understand what you’re up against before you can properly counter it. One thing I always find interesting about … Continue reading

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