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Roe at 40

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the United States Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion for American women. I wrote about it in the Guardian, emphasizing the fact that abortion, birth control and bodily autonomy are crucial for women’s survival and our freedom. Without the right to determine the number and spacing of our children, we lose the ability to drive our own lives and to live fully freely, happily and healthily. Outlawing abortion doesn’t decrease the abortion rate; it just drives women to use a more dangerous methods and put their lives and their health at risk. Forty years on, Roe is as important as ever. And American society is, sadly, as misogynist as ever — evidenced by the very fact that abortion is still a fight. Continue reading

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On Trusting Women

Jessica has a hell of an article on HuffPo on Roe and trusting women to make their own decisions. Read it. And then check out the crazy-ass comments from people who are absolutely aghast at the idea that women should … Continue reading

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Blogging for Choice, Part 1

Happy Roe day! I’ll be putting up more pro-choice stuff throughout the day. To start, check out this history of abortion in Kansas. And props to Santa Cruz, which is now officially a pro-choice city. My official Blog for Choice … Continue reading

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Roe on the Rocks

A benefit for Planned Parenthood, featuring The Wrens. Friday January 18th at 8pm The Knitting Factory 74 Leonard St. New York, NY I’ll be there (on a date, even). You should be too. If you can’t make it but want … Continue reading

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Goodbye to a wonderful woman

How did I miss this? Jane Hodgson, an incredible reproductive freedom activist and a doctor once convicted of performing illegal abortions in the pre-Roe days, died a few days ago. After Roe, she continued to work in reproductive health, making … Continue reading

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What Roe Should Have Said

Professor Lemieux is working on a series of posts discussing Jack Balkin’s book, What Roe Should Have Said. This is Scott’s area of expertise, so he really knows his stuff. Part I, in which he discusses Canada’s landmark abortion case, … Continue reading

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What Can We Do?

You asked, Molly answered. The fact that we have to post this deeply saddens me. Every woman should have access to basic medical care from her local doctor. But as it stands, not every woman does. And the right to … Continue reading

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What I Hadn’t Heard About Alito

Need a quick break from fuming over The Roe Bandito?

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