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In Case You Needed More Reasons To Hate Will Saletan

Check out where he jumps in to defend Roman Polanski. In typical Saletan fashion, Saletan doesn’t think about women or girls as real people with real experiences, no, they’re theoretical ladies whose realities can be flexed like so much intellectual … Continue reading

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A Case of Morals

I know I said I didn’t have any sympathy for Roman Polanski before, but after finding out that Polanski still couldn’t be troubled to pay the settlement his accuser won in a civil suit twenty-five years later? Ugh. [via PostBourgie]

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Getting Over It

[Trigger warning. Any and all rape apology will be deleted from this thread.] I’ve been skeptical about the efficacy of trigger warnings in the past, but after reading post after post on the Polanski case on the blogs, and seeing … Continue reading

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