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The only thing I am going to say (today) about the NewsCorp phone hacking scandal

Nice hats.

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Giuliani: Worse than George Bush?

Matt Taibbi does not like Rudy Giuliani. And since I don’t either, I’ll reproduce this gem from his Rolling Stone article: Rudy Giuliani is a true American hero, and we know this because he does all the things we expect … Continue reading

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The Making of a Proper Victim

What happened to Jennifer Moore, a young New Jersey woman who drove into Manhattan with a girlfriend two days ago for some partying and wound up dead in a trash bin, is tragic. She and her friend became separated at … Continue reading

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Daily Ridiculousness

Because sometimes it’s just worth laughing at it. Even when it’s not that funny. Just when you thought Berlusconi couldn’t get any more self-involved, he has now made the requisite egomaniac Jesus comparison. The fact that Mr. Berlusconi claims to … Continue reading

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